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It appears the NCAA is telling us who is in the Final Four, when only one team is in already

This headline was up before Michigan beat Florida State. I took the screenshot at 10:31 eastern time last night. They seem to be telling us Texas Tech vs Kansas is the other match up even though it hasn't been played yet!!


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October 17 NBA Games Decoded (Work in Progress)

Bucks vs Hornets
       Pick: Bucks (Charlotte Hornets = 75 and Kemba Walker's 163-38 bit is the only narrative I see for Charlotte).
10+17+18 = 45 (this game comes 45 weeks after Giannis Antetokounmpo's last birthday)10+17+2+0+1+8 = 38 (Kemba Walker's 163rd day of being his age, 163 the 38th prime)Giannis Antetokounmpo = 91 (reduction), the 13th triangular. 10/17 is like 117. thirteen = 117*Giannis = 73 (ordinal), this is the 73rd NBA season.Antetokounmpo = 171 (RO) October 17 can be written 17/10, like 171Milwaukee = 100 (ordinal) (hundred = 38) 38 life lesson number dateBucks = 20 (s exception) (1+0+1+7+2+0+1+8 = 20)Hornets = 45 (s exception) (10+17+18 = 45) Mike Budenholzer = 75 (day leaves 75 days in year) *Charlotte Hornets = 75***This game is on his 73rd day of his age (73rd NBA Season)Budenholzer is currently 230-219 in his coaching career.***Charlotte Hornets = 231 (21st triangular, 73 the 21st prime, Budenholzer can pick up 231st win of his career, including playo…

2018 March Madness Tournament, Why I Like UNC to defeat Villanova +Death of Woody Durham, Villanova's win over Gerogetown in 1985 and UMBC over Virginia in 2018

As I watched the events of last night's Virginia vs. UMBC game, I immediately thought, "how many times in a row has the 1 seed won?" By halfway through the 2nd half it seemed pretty obvious the Retrievers were going to win; Virginia was chucking up horrible 3 point attempts and UMBC wasn't missing, plus there were some bullshit calls, as there always are. The numbers stood out in more ways than one. Some things to keep in mind as we decode:
It was the 136th game all time between a 16 seed and a 1 seedThe 1 seed winning streak was snapped at 135This upset is being compared to Villanova's win over Georgetown in 1985, 33 years ago.1985 was the same year the tournament coined the name "March Madness," and the same year that the 16 seed became a thing (thus when the 135 game streak started) So let's start with the fact that this happened on 3/16/2018.     3 + 16 + 20 + 18 = 57 (Georgetown = 57, the team that was sacrificed for Villanova 33 years ago)    3 …

World Series Thoughts After Manaea No Hitter

So Sean Manaea of the Oakland Athletics just threw a no hitter against the Boston Red Sox. There are a few things about this that jump out.
    1. Manaea was born 2/1/1992. 2 + 1 + 19 + 92 = 114 (the 114th WS this year)
    2. That does not mean that the Athletics will go to the World Series.
    3. Zach pointed out last week that the Phillies could potentially go to the WS synching up with the Starbucks incident in the news. Starbucks = 114.
    4. The Athletics are originally from Philadelphia. If Philadelphia were to go to the World Series, it would be reminder of how there was a train crash in connection to the NBA finals in 2015 when the Warriors won. The Warriors are in that part of California (Oakland) and they are originally from Philadelphia.
    5. Something I figured out right away was that this no hitter was on the same day of the year as Jake Arrieta's no hitter two years ago, the day Prince died. Both Arrieta's no no and Prince's death had to do with that ye…