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Josh Rosen Named Starting QB for September 30 Game Against Seattle Seahawks; Why It Makes Sense For Him to Win

Let's start with the fact that this man was born on February 10, the 41st day of the year. This year is all about the flag and 13, and 41 is the 13th prime.

He is replacing Sam Bradford.

Furthermore, notice how a win against the Seahawks on Sunday would bring both teams' records for this season to 1-3, a lot like 13. Now here's the kicker. Notice how his first start is taking place on his 233rd day of being 21 years old. 233 is the 13th Fibonacci Number.

I had a 39 ritual ready to be written for this piece, and that was before I saw the O/U! 39 is important to both Arizona as well as this man himself. Notice how he was the 10th overall pick of the draft out of UCLA.
This first start of his is taking place on September 30, 30/9, a lot like 39. And we shouldn't overlook how he apparently weighs 99 kilograms in regards to all of the 13... Thirteen = 99. Nor that he is 218 pounds and was drafted in 2018.
Some other notable parallels. His nickname is "Chosen Rosen."…