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2018 March Madness Tournament, Why I Like UNC to defeat Villanova +Death of Woody Durham, Villanova's win over Gerogetown in 1985 and UMBC over Virginia in 2018

As I watched the events of last night's Virginia vs. UMBC game, I immediately thought, "how many times in a row has the 1 seed won?" By halfway through the 2nd half it seemed pretty obvious the Retrievers were going to win; Virginia was chucking up horrible 3 point attempts and UMBC wasn't missing, plus there were some bullshit calls, as there always are. The numbers stood out in more ways than one. Some things to keep in mind as we decode:
  • It was the 136th game all time between a 16 seed and a 1 seed
  • The 1 seed winning streak was snapped at 135
  • This upset is being compared to Villanova's win over Georgetown in 1985, 33 years ago.
  • 1985 was the same year the tournament coined the name "March Madness," and the same year that the 16 seed became a thing (thus when the 135 game streak started)
So let's start with the fact that this happened on 3/16/2018. 
   3 + 16 + 20 + 18 = 57 (Georgetown = 57, the team that was sacrificed for Villanova 33 years ago)
   3 + 16 + 18 = 37 (Revelation 3:7 is where Philadelphia is first mentioned, more on this later)
   3 + 16 + 2 + 0 + 1 +8 = 30
   3 + 1 + 6 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 21 (UNC over Villanova would be a 2 vs 1 seed, same as when they last played two years ago, where the 2 seed won)

Think about the fact that the 16 seed beat the 1 seed on the 16th day of March. That alone is interesting. Now for the fact that it was the 136th game all time...
NOTICE IT IS THE 16TH TRIANGULAR NUMBER! That means 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5... + 16 = 136.
The other thing interesting about this number is it is the total number of points scored in last year's championship game, which UNC won over Gonzaga. Sixteen = 33, that number of sacrifice.

In addition to the 16 over 1 seed and 33 being a number of sacrifice, it is interesting that Villanova is from Philadelphia, a city that when written out is abbreviated PHI. Phi is the name given to the golden ratio, having to do with the Fibonacci sequence, and the first 3 digits are 1.61. Think about it. 1.61, 16 vs 1? And as for the 33 years, PHI = 33 (16 + 8 + 9 = 33).

If that isn't interesting enough, maybe this will get ya. Consider the streak for 1 seeds against 16 seeds lasted 135 games, and that the year it started, Villanova won. 
135 is a humungous, enormous, ginormous number in Philly.
   -It's date of establishment is October 27, 1682. 10 + 27 + 16 + 82 = 135.
   -The name Philadelphia comes from Revelation, where a letter is written to the church of Philadelphia about the Key of David. The Key of David = 135
   -Former NBA star Kobe Bean Bryant is from the city. Kobe Bean Bryant = 135
   -Their pro football team, the Eagles have their theme song "Fly Eagles Fly," which = 135. Also for the Eagles, Carson Wentz didn't throw his first interception until his 135th pass. There's more but moving on.

The UMBC game is receiving heavy comparisons to Villanova over Georgetown (as well as another game in 1982 involving Virginia getting upset in the NAIA, which I assume is scripted the same way). Consider the Georgetown Villanova game. That year was the first year the field had 64 teams, and was also the same year that the term 'March Madness' was coined.
Now look at the box score.
Fitting enough already that they lose with 64 points. But it gets better (or worse, depending how you feel about all this)
Consider it was Patrick Ewing that played for Georgetown at the time of this loss, and he wore the number 33. Patrick = 33.
There's more to 64, you do the homework.

The 66 is important because Revelation is the 66th book of the Bible, where Philadelphia gets its name.
Also worth noting is that March Madness = 46 in full reduction (where s =1). Villanova is Catholic.
   -Catholic = 46
 199, the 46th prime number

I like UNC because they have Revelation coding all over the damn place. Starting with their Coach, Roy Williams.
Notice he is 67 years old. Last year he was 66, as in Revelation being the 66th book of the Bible, and his team won (his name also equates 66). His team is North Carolina.
Now the kicker. The championship game is April 2, his birthday August 1.
The head coach of the Villanova Wildcats, Jay Wright, has some fitting name gematria...actually fitting everything now that I look at it.
Consider Villanova is a Catholic School. Now, consider his birthday is Christmas Eve, and he is born in the year '61. 61 is arguably the most Christian number out there, next to 74. See here for details.
Now the name gematria, making it even more clear. Remember, Philadelphia is named in Revelation.
Revelation = 49
Revelation = 121 (the April 2 game is 121 days before William's birthday, or a total span of 122 days, like Jay's reverse ordinal gematria)
Even more interesting...
Philadelphia = 101 (26th prime)

That brings us to Woody Durham, former announcer for UNC, who went to UNC.
Notice he died March 7, written 3/7 in the U.S., where the tournament is. **Revelation 3:7 is where Philadelphia is mentioned. Notice the span of days from his death to the championship. Villanova Wildcats = 73 (s exception)
God = 26 (so does 9.2 quintillion other things related to Catholicism, check out the first chapter of Letters & Numbers by Zachary K Hubbard)
Philadelphia = 101 the 26th prime (is it for Villanova, or UNC?) Consider this as well...
Woody Durham's name gematriot has a plethora of interesting things about it.
57 is a huge championship number. Fifty-seven = 131 Championship = 131
This could be another Villanova tribute. Jay Wright's birthday is 99 days before the tournament.
Thirteen = 99 (Bavarian Illuminati established by 13 families on a date with 99 numerology in 1776, more on them later)
DEAD ON 3/7! And Revelation 3:7... 
He was born on August 8, and died March 7. From his last birthday until his day of death is 211 days. 211 is the 47th prime.
His full name has some interesting numbers as well.
The Bavarian Illuminati = 221 (think about what is said above about 99)
Society of Jesus = 191 (Jesuits always have tributes in this tournament)
Catholic = 71 March Madness = 71 ***Bathroom Bill = 71 (UNC won during that debate with 71 points in the championship game)

Lastly, the day of the Final has some interesting alignment, "April Second."
 Revelation 3:7...Woody dead on 3/7
 4/2 is how April Second is!
 Villanova Wildcats = 64 March Madness = 64
181, the 42nd prime. April Second is 4/2... like 42.

The majority of these things are things I noticed as I made the post. The more I look at it, the more I think it might be for Villanova. But I'm going to stick with UNC because of the 33 sacrifice thing. Although I'm not so sure now. I close with this.
33 years since 1985
sixteen = 33 (16 seed wins first game, 16 seeds born in 1985, 33 years ago)


  1. Good stuff bro! I still like Michigan to make it to FF and they =64 also and won today 64-63 with a 3 to go to sweet 16. Also they were national runners up in 2013 when Pitino and Cardinals won which this past year was removed due to scandal. Michigan was not awarded that title so there is a riddle there with them. Plus they have blue in there colors and remember the commercial with old lady knitting saying so many shades of blue...

    1. Good idea. Assuming North Carolina wins against A & M today we can break down their upcoming game against Michigan and see how that bodes.

    2. Ok turns out you might be right. UNC is out.

  2. Another gematria blog to follow! I've got like 16 bookmarked now, it's hard to keep up


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